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As much a I love to shop (and believe me, I LOVE TO SHOP!), I’ve learned to cut back A LOT (which is something I’m not used to AT ALL). I’ve never been amazing with saving my money, this is an understatement ask anyone who knows meย but that’s because I’ve never felt like I truly needed to. If I saw a shirt I liked, I would buy it, and the 3 other colours it came in. The problem was the more I made, the more I spent. It’s a never ending cycle, I had issues.


Now I’m having to ask myself, “Do I want it, or do I need it?”. Quite often the answer is both and I always came up with some excuse to justify the purchase (& I can come up with really dumb excuses). In my defense, I feel that I’m rather thrifty because I love finding deals – especially online.


When it comes to the more expensive purchases for myself, the item has to be great quality and be timeless. When you’re forking out a lot of money ($$$) for an item make sure it’s something that will go with your wardrobe, otherwise it will just be collecting dust sitting in your closet. Trust me when I say, buyer’s remorse is NO FUN.


The few items that I am willing to spend more money on are purses, watches and denim. The amount I’m willing to spend is probably different than what you’re willing to spend – it’ll be different from person to person. I’m not at the point in my life where I’m comfortable or willing to pay for the ‘BIG’ name purchases. Baby steps for me..

20141029_124230(Girl, BAIII)

– damsel in denim